Referral Program

At RomRealty we understand how important referrals are. Therefore we’ve devised some of the best Okanagan Real Estate Referral rewards.

If you refer clients to us, either buying or selling, we can offer you a variety of choices. Whether you prefer cash or trips or Air Miles, we can meet your needs with one of our Real Estate Agent Referral programs.

Popular Referral Programs:

  • Cash – depending on the size and type of referral, we can write you a check.
  • Air Miles – If you collect Airmiles reward miles we can offer you bonus air miles for referrals.
  • Discovery Bay Resort Getaway – A luxurious getaway on the waterfront in Kelowna
  • 1 week family getaway at one of 3500 luxury resorts around the world.
  • Okanagan Ski Weekend – Ski one of our world class ski hills
  • Okanagan Golf Weekend – We have some of the best courses in the world. All within a short drive
  • Wine Tasting Tours – The Okanagan is world famous for it’s wineries. Why not find out why?
  • And More!

As you can see, we take our Real Estate Agent Referrals very seriously. That is why we offer so many different types of referral rewards. So before you consider referring people you know to other Okanagan Real Estate Agents, consider a referral to Okanagan Realty instead. You won’t be disappointed!

Contact Us to find out more information on our programs or if you know of anyone who is interested in buying or selling their home.

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