New HST/PST Calculator using the Transition Rules for Switch Back to BC PST

A new HST/PST tax calculator has been added to the British Columbia Real Estate Association’s online HST/PST resources.

These tools calculate taxes using transition rules applicable to the switch back to BC PST on April 1, 2013 only. That is, they do not factor in pre-harmonization grand-parenting or prior tax rate change transitions.

Three calculation options are available:

  • HST/PST Calculator:  Starts with a purchase price that includes HST/GST net of available rebates
  • HST/PST Calculator:  Starts with purchase price that includes full amount of HST/GST
  • HST/PST Calculator:  Starts with a purchase price that does not include taxes.

NOTE: These calculators should not be considered substitutes for professional accounting or legal advice.

All three tax calculators are available at:

For comprehensive HST/PST resources, visit:

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