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The Romrealty Team is working with two Immigration Consultancy Companies who have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with Immigrants.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are people who offer advice or assistance for various immigration applications. Immigration Consultants are specialists in Canadian Immigration Law. Often lawyers who dabble in immigration are not as well versed or practiced in this area; unless, they specialize exclusively as Immigration Lawyers.


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Pathway to Canada Immigration

Pathway’s president, Shawna Hubscher, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in good standing and specialist with business immigration and skilled worker programs, can help you find the right investment opportunities in British Columbia and other provinces within Canada.  Pathway’s specialty is working with the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) which is considered the fastest and most successful business immigration and skilled worker program in order to gain status in Canada. Of course there is also the option of choosing Federal Programs, but the Provincial Nominee Program offered by each province is designed to attract business investors and skilled workers to that particular province; thus, applicants applying through these immigration programs are given priority by Canada Immigration in terms of the processing time. Successful applicants applying under the Entrepreneur Immigration Programs or Skilled worker categories through the PNP can come to Canada immediately with a work permit to start their business or employment endeavours.

What makes Immigration to Kelowna -the interior of British Columbia, Canada unique, is that this area falls within the Regional Business category – one of the most successful categories for Entrepreneur Immigration Programs. These Entrepreneur Immigration Programs require a smaller investment amount than larger cities in Canada. The Provincial Nominee Program encourages business growth and investors who can edify our interior communities.

Pathway to Canada Immigration will assess your particular case, provide you with individual attention, and carefully prepare your application.

Ms. Shawna Hubscher is a Regulated Immigration Consultant in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).  Her practice focuses on the Provincial Nominee Programs, with particular interest in Business Immigration Programs. Ms. Hubscher is a long-time resident of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, and together with her network of associates, she offers clients a unique opportunity of being able to connect them to the business community of Kelowna.

Ms. Hubscher holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, an Immigration Consulting Diploma from Ashton College in Vancouver, B.C., and a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Diploma from Vancouver Community College.  Her work experience spans from directing schools of business, ESL and academic courses, to owning her own English as a Second Language School.

Ms. Hubscher is proud to introduce Pathway to Canada Immigration to you. Pathway to Canada Immigration creates intelligent solutions to challenging problems by partnering with established business brokerages, property managers, and commercial real estate agents in order to offer our clients a unique advantage in buying businesses, homes, and to assist with your immigration application under either provincial or federal programs. Our whole business is network driven, which enables us to achieve great results and deliver exclusive value to our clients for their immigration to Kelowna.


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GO KANADA was founded by Mr. Gottfried Glass. Gottfried offers world-wide consulting services in immigration and visa matters. The GO KANADA team consists of experts, professionals and partners who handle immigration matters on a daily basis. We exclusively associate with licensed and bonded professionals to provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Mr. Glass himself immigrated to Canada in the 90s to settle in Western Canada. Unlike many others in the industry, he himself knows what it feels like to be an immigrant, look for work, find a school for his kids and a new home for himself and his family. From personal experience, he knows the desires, hopes and dreams as well as the concerns, difficulties, and pit-falls of immigration. To offer professional help in this field, he studied immigration law and is a certified licensed immigration consultant.

GO KANADA would like to help you to get to know Canada, temporarily or permanently work here, or live in Canada. The Go KANADA Team doesn’t maintain a luxurious down-town office with countless staff. No. They want to help you live your dreams in Canada – affordably!